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Zoom F2 BT - Real-World-Test

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Hi there,

now the Zoom F2 mini recorder came out I think it could be a great backup for my audio, as I am already using Ultrasync ones.

I could just get an Ultrasync Blue and record four audiochannels with timecode locally.

Then I can just use some wireless units to monitor the signal and save some weight when I cannot carry the mixer.


But I first need to be sure that I can 100 percent rely on the recordings:

Does anyone know what happens when the battery of the Zoom F2 run out?

Does it give you some audio warning via the output jack? 

Does it stop the Audio output when the battery ran out or does it continue like the tascam dr-10?

Can you connect four of them with the smartphone app and check if they are still running?


I was hoping that I could just use a single receiver of my sony uwp-d and switch between four transmitters to monitor all of them,

but unfortunately I can only save two frequencies to hop between them.

Maybe I can use "active channel scan" but then I have to scan every time I want to switch to another transmitter.

Does anyone know another option?

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