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Leonard vs Cinela for discrete Schoeps CCM MS mounting to C300MKIII

Michael Gassert

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Schoeps CCM41_CCM8 MS > Sonosax M2D2 mounted to C300MKIII.  I'd like the most discrete, focusable mounting and wind protection for the CCM MS rig on camera.   


1) The Cinela http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php?language=en&pid=23 seems like the smallest housing for the CCMs but appears more vertically oriented than I prefer on the camera.


2) Th Leonard http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php?language=en&pid=87 seems more horizontally oriented but needs a weird extension for the CC41 (kinda defeating the purpose of the small size of the CCMs IMO) and seems questionable to me to have the mic housing in front of the capsule.   But It does seem less vertical.


Any thoughts on best, most discrete mounting for CCMs MS on camera?  


For background, I've been sound mixing for almost 20 years but most recently came out with my first feature doc, THE LAST OUT, which I primarily shot and recorded sound for as a one person operation, on the go crossing borders.  My next doc has a musical element and I'm still deciding between Lectro SPDR vs a Zax IFB200 as a dedicated digital recorder for the M2D2.  

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Not an answer to your question or more discrete, however, give this configuration a thought.  (from a recent short SOS forum post - SOS Forum • Rule of thumb for a mid mic in an M/S array? (soundonsound.com))


Instead of having the sides mic facing horizontally left-right, have it facing vertically up-down, or anywhere in between that sounds acceptable. Even with the array oriented vertically, you'll still capture a sense of scale and movement, but it won't have all the bright bits on the right and the wooly bits on the left.
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Hugh Robjohns
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I've used the Leo for on camera with the CCM41/8, it works really well but it's not 100% efficient in windy conditions as the wind often enters the back of the windshield/fur.


But fot the 95% of the time it's really good. Now the mics/preamp are so sensitive to noise that you have to be carefull with handling noise (and camera noise if there are).

Wich camera configuration do you plan to use?


In this setup I put the sound below to change the center of gravity and to be in a smaller foot print. I changed the phase of the CCM8 to correct the MS decoding in the right LR stereo.



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Patrick -

A question about your MS setup, please.

1) cabling: it looks like you might be using the Schoeps K5LU lemo to XLR cable (15') for the CCM8 and have just coiled it up because of its length. Is this right?

For indoors / when not using a larger blimp setup ( or maybe with the Leo - which I like the look of a lot), I'd like to find a short, simple Y cable with a lemo + xlr to 5pin XLR out but no luck. I'm not sure if it exists but have you come across anything like that? I do still have a pair of lemo /xlr tails & connbox from an older, pre-Cyclone Rycote rig, but I'd prefer something less clunky.

2) which Cinela shock mount are you using? 


Thank you -


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