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Small, portable sound cart for shipping


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next year I'll propably have a gig overseas where it's not possible to rent pro sound equipment locally.

As I don't have my own cart I'm thinking of building som kind of ultra portable mini cart.

I also try to avoid hi shipping costs, too.


We won't have that many locations, but mixing from the bag is not what I want, though.

We have either 2 or 4 talents, that need to have lavs plus recording some athmos during breaks.


What's needed:


- Mixer/Recorder

  MixPre6 together with a Nano Kontrol (Studio), might also be a bigger boy


- Mics

  MKH8060 on a boom

  MBHO modular mic set (3x amp, different capsules)

  Small windbasket, Stereo Rig, etc.


- Wireless/lav

  Deity Connect x2 (4x TX, 2x Duo-RX)

  + a few Sennheiser G3s (just in case)


- Antenna for 2.4GHz (?)


- PDS + batteries for Mixer/wireless and for charging the Deity TXs (!!)


- cables

- stuff for placing the lavs



Anything missing?

Possible or bad idea?




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On 12/12/2020 at 10:52 AM, Valentine said:

There is a group for Zuca cart builders: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1595929987382210/


Just my opinion but the Orca cart is no good. Great idea but it didn't work for me in so many ways. It also broke the very first time I used it. Maybe if you're only on nice smooth surfaces?

was your zuca the "all terrain" variant?

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