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Recording multitrack to Android?

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Hi all.

  What are disadvantages of recording multitrack directly to a smartphone via an audio interface like RME Babyface instead of a dedicated recorders like Sound Devices or Zoom? 


I understand synchronization won't be an option as phones won't generate sync code. What about other aspects? Reliability etc? 


Has anyone done that as a sound mixer for film? 

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Technically no real issues (Garageband  and other apps for phones are not new), I think it boils down to "dedication" of the hardware. The processor in the phone vs a recorder is about the same, if not, better in the phone. But FPGAs and (arm) processors in dedicated devices/recorders are tailor made for doing specific tasks very good, whilst a phone has to reserve things for other tasks as well. 
Your phone is just a computer, so it comes down that the bottleneck the software/Operating system. TC could be solved with one audio input of an interface dedicated to LTC (and again, software that picks that up correctly, writes it to meta data, etc). 
Portable, silent and easy to use. Could this be your next studio?


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