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DPA 4018C boom suspensions


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Just picked up a couple of the dpa 4018C's, what's the lowest profile boom suspension system - cinela or..? And also what are others using as for light wind protection (indoor / quick boom swings etc) as I understand the supplied foam pop shield not so good.


Another other user notes welcome.


Thanks and seasons greetings to all.






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Same for me, although I‘ve also recently added the Cosi, which is useful for fast swings, but adds size. Also tried the Bubblebee, but find it too big, albeit nice. 
I couldn’t find out (read: I didn’t ask them) if Cinela also make a 19mm version of the XS Cosi, which is intended for the 20mm MiniCMIT, but that should work well

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The XS version is not sooo different than the S one. It's only 17 mm shorter.

It has been created to offer the shortest fit to the CMC1, but is also perfect for the 4018C (with the 19mm holder).

The S version may accept a bit more microphones (with proper holders), but if you only have the 4018C, the XS will be perfect !

Never forget that the more "dead air" you'll have in front (and around) the membrane, the more efficiency you'll get !

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