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Stolen Audio Kit San Francisco


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My audio kit was stolen from my car at Fisherman’s Wharf on December 21st.


Gear Stolen


Mixpre 6 II

SRC x2

Lmb x2

MixPre D

Denecke Jb-1

Sony Headphones

Orca 270 and an Orca Backpack 

Audio Root batteries and BDS

various cables


I Filed a police report and have SN numbers for the Sound Devices and Lectrosonics 




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Man, that's a bummer, I'm sorry for you. Please tell us you had good insurance?

I just did a shoot in the same area a couple of weeks ago and I had less audio gear but more camera gear in my car.
Fortunately I was able to use the BTS parking lot with security at Oracle Park since I was shooting at Oracle Park. I stayed

at a hotel up the street and had to leave my grip and lighting in the trunk with valet at the hotel parking the car but I have

no idea if they parked it on the street, private lot or what, but everything was intact the next day.

Good luck on getting it back but having to buy it all again with your insurance settlement is more likely.

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Frank, if you haven't already, please contact the Lectrosonics Parts & Repair dept. at service.repair@lectrosonics.com so they can log those serial numbers as "stolen" and we'll keep an eye out for your gear if it ever comes in for repair. 



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