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I need help building a rack mounted portable sound recorder

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out what equipment I need to get sound from a wireless recorded to an SD card or something similar. I have eyes on a portable rack case, a power supply bar, and the receiver. I'm also looking at a preamp but that's where I need some advice, do I need anything else? I'm planning on getting a quiet generator for powering the power bar. I could use some help please.

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Your question is little confusing (not the part about needing help, that's kind of obvious)  are you looking for a recorder or are you looking for a microphone? Why something that s rack mount? Try and re-state what you're looking for and maybe we can help you out.

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Might be more useful if you let us know:

1) the nature of the project itself (film/TV, recording a live performance, is it voice or musical instruments or a whole band, how many sources at once)

2) Where the recording is taking place (Studio or Venue, On Location, travelling around the country)

3) what's going to happen to the audio recording afterwards (pass on to an Editor, you are going to mix it yourself)

4) specifics of the sources to be recorded (eg: two people talking, a singer who also plays Banjo and Mouth Organ) and the expected length of recording sessions.

5) what the requirement is for 'wireless' - is it shared with a separate live sound system for example.

then folks here can let you know how professionals would approach the same task.

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