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Rycote: Differences between Cyclone, modular and premodular lyres


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I've bought what is marketed as pair of single lyre (19/25) (with modular adaptor & screws) in the 3 shore/stiffness variants (62/72/82) to use them in my Cyclone or an INV-7. For simplicity I'll only refer to 62 Shore variant here.

Mine has product code 042255.

There is a similar product, with the code 042250 marketed as pair of single lyre (19/25) (with premodular adaptor & screws).

Rycote also offers a Cyclone Pair of Universal Lyre with the product code 042270.

The lyres that came with my Cyclone and my INV-7 look exactly the same as those I just ordered (just without the adaptor).


What are the differences between modular and premodular adaptors and to what systems do they adapt to?

Is there any non obvious technical difference between the Cyclone lyres and those with screws and adaptors?

Why is there no 82 Shore variant marketed for the Cyclone?

Why is there no lyre at all marketed for the Invision line?

Whatever happend to the "click lyres" found in the S-series?






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