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Sound Cart Dante Workflow


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Hi Steve,


I remote my Venues in a rack that goes to set and keeps me away from the density of the area around set. It also helps us not have to run antenna cable and has it's own battery and power supply.

My Cantar has Dante and I can run the outputs of the receivers to a Ferrofish converter that makes the analog outs of the Venues into Dante which then cables back to my mix cart.

The Dante runs seamlessly and we unplug it and rearrange it many times each day.

I've managed to get the telemetry of the Venues to run in WirelessDesigner as well via a USB to IP converter which then goes to my laptop.

The schematic is attached and there's plenty going on including power and a feed back to the rack for an IFB transmitter etc.




Set Forward.numbers-Routing.pdf

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