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Anyone using a Zaxcom Nova with 12 channels of wireless?


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3 hours ago, ivanovich said:

10 is the most i’ve done. would be interesting to see how to patch in and extra rx for 12 or more

Should be straight forward 8 channels internal + 4 channels AES... could also add 4 more with the analog inputs too (if you don't need a mix track)

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12 channels is no problem and about to be super easy with the RX4 and a MRX414. The antenna connections go right into the Nova RF outs and the AES goes into the 4 AES ins.  If QRX200s are used an external splitter will get the RF to the 2 receivers. There is about 2 dB gain in the Nova RF out to compensate for the splitter loss. You can always go with whips on the 4 extra receivers as well.  Put the new channels on Fader Bank2 or just let the auto mixer handle it with 12 pre fader iso tracks plus your mix track and the the auto-mix track.



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