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Audio Ltd RMS2000 dropout noise - old antenna

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Hi guys,

I bought a pair of old Audio RMS 2000 Rx-Tx.

I'm experiencing noise bursts/dropouts (see sound example) as soon as I move 3-4 meters away from the transmitter.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

The frequency range is 507.125/507.625

The antennas look pretty battered, do you think it would help to replace them?

Thanks in advance for any tips!




soundcloud link




RMS2000 test_1.WAV

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Those are helical antennas and not very efficient..i would if you dont have other whip anntenas cut a couple of 7 inch bits of straight thin wire and without damaging tje sma socket poke wire into socets and do a walk.test if you are getting further than before then  its prob the anntemas..those audio ltd are from the mid nineties pre diversity so getting on now so could be a off tune issue as well..there are two diff freqs make sure and try both.. 

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