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sanken cos-11d 1k resistance question

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I'm using sanken cos-11d

I am using a lectrosonics smdwb transmitter

Like on the lectrosonics homepage
I wired with a 1k resistor
I have a question
I'm a beginner of a recording engineer so please understand

I am curious about why I need to do 1k wiring
What's the good thing?

And in case of not wiring 1k
Tell me about the shortcomings


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At high sound levels, the 1k resistor reduces the distortion from 7% to less than 1%. The resistor provides large quantities of negative feedback which reduces distortion. This also reduces the "gain" of the mic but that is easily compensated for in the transmitter. I highly recommend the 1k (1k to 4k) resistor.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

On 2/21/2021 at 3:47 AM, r.paterson said:

Without the 1k resistor you get an increase in distortion ..you can wire servo bias for lectro tx without a 1k resistor that wire (white?) goes straight to pin 5 with no resistor,  instead of going thru a 1k to pin 1..servo bias is the prefered method if wiring.. 

Going to pin 5 substitutes an internal resistor in the transmitter for the 1k, accomplishing the same distortion reduction. It is not universal wiring of course.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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