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Nagra III Service manuals


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I'm new here and to be honest I don't know exactly where my topic belongs.

I have had a Nagra III for 3 years (was my dream to have one).


Now a week ago the belts started to give problems and I ordered new ones which will arrive next week. 
At the same time another error has crept in that I just can't find.


When I record via microphone, the recording is crystal clear, but when I record via the two line inputs, the recording is simply muffled.


Well, let's make it short: I'm looking for a service manual that says how to tune the Nagra (to a specific band for example LPR35 or LPR90).

And a manual that says how to get the resistance and capacitor values to calibrate the Nagra. 


Nagra Audio provides the manuals (one is the user manual and the other is the service manual (it says how to calibrate but no values and the position of the parts is not really explained).  

https://www.nagraaudio.com/product/nagra-iii/ scroll down to downloads 

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just replaced the feed = rewind belt with the correct one... wow ; what a difference! it works. but when recording , listening on monitor output on  headphones and before; on the b/a press button the volume is ok , but on after the volume drops 20dB . its got me beat... 

 i've been trying to fault find for 9 hours now. any ideas , please anyone??????

 i've replaced the b/a  single pole double throw switch.. it wasn't that !

oh one more thing. does the 111 have 3 belts? i only see 2, there was a smaller belt in the spares i bought

serial is pho 68 12802



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