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Science question: Schoeps CMIT startup fart noise - what is happening?

Izen Ears

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I’ve been hearing that fart for over ten years, and after hearing it today I realized I had no idea what is causing it.  It’s so fartlike I’ve had boom ops joke, “Excuse me!” after plugging in.


Normal XLR from mic to a Denecke PS-1a, then via a Lectro MC41 cable into an SMQV tx.   Sometimes it’s a “boat motor turning over,” sometimes a near-squeaky “petite,” sometimes a proud “floor rumbler;” it’s always a little different.  It seems to only do it once per startup.  Other mics only have that deep “phantom power bump” sound.


Are the electrons in the Schoeps doing some sort of happy dance when they get pushed by 48 volts?!  I haven’t tested with a hardline.  It seems to get worse with humidity.  Heh I was just curious if anyone had any thoughts.


Dan Izen

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On 2/25/2021 at 7:39 AM, r.paterson said:

Sounds like a capacitor being charged up on initial plug in?

Whoa!  Is that what that sounds like?!  I could buy that!


I’ve heard of CMITs that don’t do this sound, but both of mine do.  I am grateful heh!

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9 hours ago, igomarsound said:

Is there anyway you  can record it ? Genuinely curious. never heard of the "schoeps fart" and I would like to extend my knowledge with this fun fact. thanks

I’’m happy to tomorrow. It’s quite a noise.

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