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SRa Pilot tone blinking w/ SMDWB receivers, same compat mode & freq, help please!


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Hi everyone,


Kind of an urgent issue because I have a shoot tomorrow morning, and I’m hopeful that this is simple user error as I’m still relatively new to lectros. 


I rented out a 4 channel system earlier today. 4 smdwb transmitters. 2 sra dual receivers.


The pilot tone light is blinking on both SRA’s, all 4 channels. They don’t see the transmitters at all. I’ve tried scanning thru smart tune, I’ve tried it manually. They are set to the same frequency, by hand and IR sync.


I’ve verified the transmitters and receivers are both set to NU HYBR compatibility mode. I’ve turned off the pilot tone to get static in on the SRa’s and gone thru all the different compat modes. Still no signal, only static. 

I assume this is my own error since it’s happening with all 4 channels and not just one faulty channel or something? Would appreciate guidance ASAP. 

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Are you sure your transmitters are transmitting and not in RF off mode? That is a common issue. SRas don't offer Nu Hybrid - they are NA Hybrid, but that will result only in undermodulation (of the audio) - they should still work with the transmitters in Nu Hybrid. 


The only other thing I can think of is a block mismatch. If you are on the right frequency on both receiver an transmitter, and the receivers are not in block 470 or 19, then I suspect the transmitters aren't transmitting. 

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