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Lectrosonics Venue 1 Lecnet2 over Extron IPL T S4


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Does anyone have any experience in setting this up?

I have an Extron IPL T S4 connected to 4 x Lectro Venue 1 (Wideband Mid).

I have installed Extron Global Configurator 3.

I am at a loss at what to do next. 

Thank you in advance.


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It will be the same process as with the Global Cache interface - you need to assign the TCPIP address for each unit using the Global Configurator.  I'm not completely familiar with the Extron units.  For Global Cache, their software will locate each port on the net and either assign the IP address (DCHP) or you can assign it (STATIC Address).   Check the Extron manual.  You will need to also know the TCP port - (for the Global Cache it is 4999, for Lectrosonics it is 4080 or 4081 as an example).   Once you know the TCP port number for the Extron, you can then go into Wireless Designer and Connect Via Network - enter the TCPPort number and the IP address.  You will have to do this for each Venue.  Once you get them all on screen,     Go to Connect (Live)/Save Connections to List and save this to your computer.  The next time you want to fire up and connect, you just go to Open Connections from List and the entire system will load up all at once.


Remember, the software will be looking for the TCP Port for the Extron - NOT the Lectrosonics Venue.  Taking a quick pass at the Extron manuals, I'd say try 23 first.  Another possible option is 8080.


Hope this gives the right directions in which to point.


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Thank you for your help. I just got it going.


Global Configurator application is not required....much easier to configure with the units web interface.


-It is very likely your unit won't have the default IP address. Read the user manual to reset. (hold reset button process)

-Log into the web interface by entering IP address into browser. (default You will have to change IP address of your computer to 192.168.254.### to be able to log in.

-Change IP address of the Extron unit to work on your network.

-Change your computer back to automatic IP address

-Log back into web interface by entering your new Extron IP address.

-Click on Port Settings tab

-Change each port to have settings:

Port Type: RS232

Baud Rate: 57600

Data Bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop Bits: 1

Flow Control: None


Open Wireless Designer

-Connect via Network

-enter IP address of Extron


and the magic Port numbers are: (4 channel version)






Good luck


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