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SD 633 X3/4 output

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Started doing something similar for a podcast I'm recording, where my co-host is calling in while I'm onsite with the guest. Picked up a used JK Audio Daptor 2 and set up a mix minus on a main out of my F8n, while the sub out feeds a headphone distro.


Since I've never had a chance to use a 633: are the mixes fully independent? On the F8n I can route the L/R mix or a selection of channels pre or post fader, but the fader level is the same on every output. Didn't know if the 6 or 8 series has multiple mix busses with independent level per bus. Just curious.


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It’s pretty flexible. You can choose what source from the individual inputs or select the mix bus as the source and you can attenuate the output independently of the source or mix level. 

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