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That was Harve Presnell that sang Maria. Wonderful.


Lee sang Wandering Star. When I heard him sing that in Paint Your Wagon I almost fell off my seat. I play it quite often through the years. He really didn't want to do it, but it's a classic. I like how they picked a key that made his vocal chords rattle.


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Ahh, you RF guys. I always admired you. In my first job working on microwave radar jammers for aircraft that fly above 80,000' (there's only one), I'd see these guys come up with the oddest widgets. It was always J space to me. I stuck with the ones and zeros. I always felt it if you can't do RF, you do analog and if you can't do analog you do digital and if you can't do digital you sell real estate.

On 4/7/2021 at 5:34 PM, BAB414 said:

What if it's an antenna that transmits and records?

That sounds novel. You should patent it.

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10 hours ago, alexbooy said:

Make a microphone boom into a coax connection, so one of our antenae could be high in the air.

My idea, your patent.

Maybe this won't make any sense, but someone invent "coily cable coax" so it can all be contained in the antenna mast, like in a boom pole. 

...and I LOVED Paint Your Wagon, not sure how many times I stayed up to watch it on late night TV as a kid.

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