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A big shout-out to all the sound crews working on reality shows like "Real Housewives". All hats off!


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Hi everybody


I would just like to express my deepest admiration for the sound crews working on the "Real Housewives" TV-series around US. Great work! 


Whenever my girlfriend watches those shows, I'm get the chills thinking about where and how the lav mics are hidden, and they are always very well hidden and sound great.


We all know how difficult it can be to properly hide a lav mic and make it sound good - then add tight evening dresses showing a lot of skin and made of synthetic fabric, tons of hair-spray and make-up, table-flipping divas and tight schedules.


And the guys having a two-day Italian stubble rubbing on high collars, wearing super-tight dinner jackets or sport polos.


Being scripted reality, I guess it's possible to control the ambient noise from other "guests" in restaurant and bar scenes, same goes for party locations to some extent - though you don't want to kill the vibe of the party. And most of the time, it's very well done on those shows, IMHO.


Making a good dialogue sound is a team effort, of course, and some of it can be salvaged in post. But, the real heroes are the sound engineers (and wardrobe) on location, keeping track of all those lav mics and where to hide both them and the transmitters - for indoor and outdoor scenes.


I'm sure all the characters on those shows have PAs, and that you can train them to apply a lav mic and hide a transmitter. Same goes for wardrobe. But the lav mics still have to be checked, evaluated and adjusted regularly, and there will always be new cloths for the characters to wear - presenting new challenges for the sound crew.


Being "unscripted" run-n-gun multi-camera shoots, I'm sure the boom operators are walking a tight rope everyday. Big thumbs up to you too!


I just want to say that I'm in deep admiration of your work!



Keep up the good work


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