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Record FaceTime audio on iOS device

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Does anyone know a way to record the audio of a FaceTime call on the iPhone itself? One actor will be far away (in another state). The suggested methods - Screen Record and Voice Memo - will disable audio recording when the device is used as a phone. Is there a hack?


And Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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I would have them use an audio interface. Of course that means the remote actor/ess will have to use the audio interface and microphone.


Software will really get in the way due to security measures.

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On 4/19/2021 at 6:24 PM, Allen Rowand said:

Is there a reason why the recording has to be done on the phone? You could terminate the other end of the call on a Mac and use something like Audio Hijack to record the call.


Yeah, you can setup a Facetime call on a Mac and use Camtasia to capture both video and sound.


I'm on Windows and use Camtasia to capture Teams and Zoom meetings (without showing a [recording] sign at the other end of the line). Works like a charm.




If you just want to record the sound from an iPhone and want to be able to film your talent speaking into the phone like an everyday call, you can use a Bluetooth adapter. The JK Audio Daptor Three works really well and offers XLR input and output. But it will hijack the speaker output of the phone, so you will have to send the call to the talent via IEM or a speaker close by. Dunno how to record the video in those cases. I'm just a soundie :-)







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You can connect the unlocked iOS device to the USB of a macOS computer, launch QuickTime Player and do being a movie recording and selecting the iOS as source for audio and video.

That way you will perform a 1:1 recording of the screen with iOS device system audio.


Works well with most apps which do not handle copy protected video like Netflix etc.

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Yeah we’ve had a tonne of hassle with this in our radio station… ideally we’d use iOS devices with USB audio interfaces. Works absolutely fine with zoom, but for some reason apple restricts FaceTime to headphone jack, Bluetooth or speaker. Like others have said - FaceTime on a mac is your best bet, otherwise you could maybe use a Bluetooth interface like a dante Bluetooth or JK audio one to get the audio. 

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I, too, work in radio and we had a lot of issues with this. The way we did it was to. solder a trrs cable. It's not hard or expensive, and it works great. But you can't record the audio on the iPhone itself there has to be a mixer or recorder in between. 

Here's a rough schematic. The 4,7k resistor in the sketch doesn't need to be that exact value, but it needs to exceed it. The 12 ohm resistor I'm not sure about. It's needed but not sure if it has to exceed 12 ohm or if it has to be exactly 12 ohms. 




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