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Hi everybody,


i am contacting you because i am in a shoot where we use a sony FX9 (and FX6 as a A cam with no problem) and the problem is the following : 


We need to put audio in input 1 with Channel 1 and there is literally no option to set it.

How to fix this?
See the picture below. The first option is greyed out. There is no external option for Channel 1.
The DOP can't help and i set on the right of the camera the channel to "ext" and not "mi shoe". I am hoping someone ran into this problem maybe already. 
Never saw a camera in my life that is litteraly not proposing you options for channel 1...


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I worked with an FX9 last week with the same issue.

The owner had been in contact with Sony about it and said that Sony was working on a remedy.

Apparently, it doesn't make a difference. If you set the switches where they should be, you'll get external audio on Channel 1, despite what the menu says.

Simple enough to test and my shoot went fine, no complaints from post.


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So it is a software bug? Which fw version are you working with? I guess we have the latest version and are working without issues (camera hop to XLR 1/2 and MI Shoe adaptor XLR-K3M to 3/4).

Anyway, Sony announced an upgrade for May.

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@acdave, thanks. So i should try to set it to Ext, no to worry about MI shoe selection and see if i get any signal?


In the meantime i saw also that its possible to choose input 1 for Ch3 as well. Which is annoying but can work.

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