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1899 Netflix

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Congratulations Matthias! That looks (and sounds ofc) like a really great and I assume also challenging project. And even if it's just the teaser: ...I guess I'll have to subscribe once again to netflix 😅

Also I'm really curious about your experiences that you've made while filming in the volume, for example dealing with windmachines, acoustics and the overall noise of the volume itself. 

Looking forward to watch it

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That looks good!  I think I'll check it out. I'm terrified of being stuck in the ocean.


I don't understand the need to use 60s American songs.  The show I'm on does it also (Winchesters).  What happened to having a score?  I don't mean a fake score but a real score by a real composer.  Nowadays it's generic synth, I always picture some kid messing around on a Casio, or these classic vocal songs.  My brain has trouble focusing on the image when there are vocals.  The spaghetti western whistler is about the closest I can handle.  It's so weird.  Like the copyrights all expired or something.  (I know that's not the case.)

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Ben Frost is the composer on 1899. He was doing the score on Dark as well. Fabulous music if you ask me. He is also very interested in sounds in general. Had a long chat with him on set. He even bought a Nagra to record effects and instruments!

The use of pop songs was at least on Dark a habit for the end of each episode. They would create a montage sequence along with it. 
Give it a try!! It’s gonna be entertaining and puzzling.

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