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Vancouver, BC - Skilled Sound Trainee Available (Free)

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Before I get attacked for offering free work let me paint a bigger picture.


I just moved here from Saskatchewan and in order to successfully submit my Permittee Application for IATSE 891 I'm required to have on set experience in the Sound Department. The main obstacle seems to be that in order to get any experience on set it appears I need that initial favor of getting on set without any prior connections; So, as cliché as it is, instead of working for money I'd be willing to work for experience.  Partly because I need the days for my application and partly because I do, in fact, need to gain experience working under a sound mixer on set.


-I graduated from Pacific Audio Visual Institute (Vancouver, BC) in 2015 for Audio Engineering & Production and have experience as a recording/mixing engineer dating back to then.  I also spent my time at PAVI completing a single semester internship at Vancouver's "Blue Wave" Recording Studio.
-I'm fluent in Pro Tools with an advanced understanding of Signal Flow and Sound Fundamentals. 

-I've also read Ric Vier's "Location Sound Bible" and Patrushkha Mierzwa's "Behind The Sound Cart"  to prepare any of my existing sound knowledge to be transferrable into location sound.


The main objective I have is to get on set and help out in any way that I can so I can start gaining days for my IATSE application, and of course, to start getting a feel for how things are done in a real world setting. 

Dwayne Kittelson
(604) 861 8778 (Txt or call)

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17 hours ago, Dalton Patterson said:

Maybe you could PA a couple gigs to get you in the door. Once inside that door you might say hey to the sound department. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of that region will chime in. Best of luck and don’t give up! 

Yah that's the plan as well/alternatively but either opportunity is seeming pretty hard to get without any connections this time of year.

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