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app: Scan for frequency bands in germany


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Hi everyone,

sometimes I am working with five analog audio transmitters at the same time.

Its important to use a frequency band or channel group with only few interference (for example 21, 22 or 23)

Until now I could use the app freqscan, to find the best channel group to use for all my lav mics in any given location


But now, this app isnt available anymore.

Is there any other app to find the best channel group for any place??


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3 hours ago, Dalton Patterson said:


I use FreqFinder app made by @NewEndian on iOS in addition to the RFExplorer. I like the Freqfinder app because it saves location freqs in a list and shows intermod hits. 

Thanks for your help! For Sony UWP-D I dont need FreqFinder, as I can just select a channel group and then autoscan for frequencies - so they will not interfere.

I was looking for an app like freqscan, where I can just pick a location on a map and see, which frequencies are already in use..

But I guess if there is no app, then I will need a hardware scanner like RFExplorer to determine, which channel group is best.

The best selling hardware-scanner on amazon is: TinySA Spectrum Analyzer for 90 Euros..

Maybe that will do as well. Or anyone with another recommendation?


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I think I will use fmscan.org to find tv-channels that could interfere with my lav mics..

This helps me to set the frequency band manually, which means 21 to 23, 24 to 26 or 27 to 29...  ( the range of 470 to 541 mhz). So fmcan.org can help me set the band and even the channel group (which means group 21 for example) first..


Another way according to sony is to to use a clear channel scan across all channels and see in which group the receiver finds the most free channels and then set this channel group. So then there is no hardware scanner needed..


Another way is just to set the channel band and then a channel group that covers the frequency spectrum of the whole channel band (on the sony uwp-d this is channel group 7 for example).

If anyone is interested, here is a video by sony to use these groups on uwp-d and dwx:



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Just a stupid question: can I just use different frequency bands instead of channel groups?


For example:

lav1 uses tv21 to 23 (470 to 493 MHz)

lav2 uses tv 24 to 26 (494 to 517 MHz)


and I am performing a clear channel scan on every device.

do they interfere then or are the frequencies spaced so far apart that there should be no issues?

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In theory any two frequencies can interfere with each other, although it’s not very likely. 
Just get FreqFinder to coordinate your frequencies, regardless if you got them from a scan or not. 

And yes of course you can use frequencies from any range you like, as long as they are free and legal 

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thanks! But I will rather use the channel groups from sony, so I can just autoscan on set and dont waste time..

I was just looking for a page where I can easily look for white spaces for a certain location so I can set the channel bands first..

So for example see if there is more white space in "tv21 to 23" (470 to 493 MHz) or "tv 24 to 26" (494 to 517 MHz).

In most situations autoscan works great.

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