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RFI starts June 8 Amazon turns on Sidewalk 915 MHz (USA) mesh network - older Lectro D4 902-928 MHz


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On June 8 Amazon turns on the Sidewalk mesh network. 

It runs on a few technologies

915 MHz “LoRa DTS” (Long Range Digital Transmission System) as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) [2.4 GHz ISM band]


I'm concerned we are going to have RF spray and some major RF issues with part of the spectrum of older Lectrosonics D4 902-928 MHz system starting June 8. The D4 Tx was always Niche doing 4 channels on a digital stream. Obsolete now?

June 14 Tile trackers start using the Sidewalk network too.

Does any other pro audio wireless RF gear use that range (902-928 Mhz) also?

I think the license-only 940 band from Lectro is safe. 940 (941-960 MHz) 


more info on this tech that will be in homes and businesses and most likely Amazon delivery vehicles.

Sidewalk has a larger range than Wi-Fi — in theory, up to 1,500 feet, according to GridConnect. 

Amazon’s wireless network, explained


Amazon's Sidewalk Network Is Turned On by Default. Here's How to Turn It Off The company's Sidewalk mesh network goes live June 8. The good news is that you can turn it off. 




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I've been following this Sidewalk thing for a while now... Aside from the RF implications the overall premised of this "feature" is way to invasive for my taste. Personally I don't want anything piggybacking on my network A; without my knowledge or consent B; chewing up my regulated internet bandwidth.

All of the information that I've read from Amazon said that only certain new Ring devices would have Sidewalk capability. This is not REALLY the case at all. In fact after reading this post I the setting for my Ring doorbell and found that without my knowledge Ring enabled Sidewalk on my Doorbell. Not only did Ring change a device setting that I purposely chose to be disabled they enable the "feature" on a device they previously stated would not be available.

If you have a Ring and want to disable it.. it's in the Control Center... Scroll to the bottom portion and select Sidewalk. Check your amazon devices as well. Check all of them. Turn those features off along with "anonymous data/usage" collection.

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