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Shotgun/Mics to match Track E (3.5mm jack)

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Hi all,


I have a mixpre 6 II and some rode/akg mics for most work.


But i find myself more often using a small Track E rigged to a gimbal or camera because of the TC sync and general simplicity of it. The Track E is a 3.5mm jack and the only shotgun i've found is the Deity D3 Pro and it works fine, sounds good.


But i am wondering what other options there are? I can't use Phantom power or XLRs and ideally don't want to adapt (the whole point in this scenario is weight)


Are there any standout options in that area?



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From Rode there is the VideoMic NTG as a short shotgun or the NTG4+ as a traditional shotgun.

Both have built-in batteries and don't need phantom power.


I'll try one of these myself with a Deity BP-TRX as a mini boom combo without the need of a bag.

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The MKH 600 may be an option.

3 hours ago, paulinventome said:

I can't use Phantom power or XLRs

May I humbly ask why?

(The current 3rd gen UMP is quite small by now.

The Kortwich phantom boxes are really light)

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