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Cell phone call recording


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Hello everyone!
On my next movie there will be a lot of phone calls inside a car. They go either to a normal phone or to the speakerphone of the car.
Although most of the dialogue of the callers will be replaced by different actors in the end, I still need to be able to record the signal and send it to my ifbs.
Is there a special piece of equipment I could use? Something to put between a headset and a cellphone to split the signal going in?
My other thought would be to use a third phone and use a groupcall function but that would mean, that I will get the signal of both ends and I only want the one from the caller.

Any ideas?

Greetings and thanks in advance


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Hi tonvogt. Not sure if this helps but when I work live shots I use a cellphone for IFB conntction to the control room/programming.  I route the cellphone into my mixer then send the feed to the correspondent’s IFB via an aux out. I take it out of the main mix so it does not go over the air. 

The cellphone input is on it’s own track and can be recorded. I never need to do that for live tv, but it’s an option. 

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