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Charging Cases

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Mine is on the the messy side, but has every charger I need. The bagged ones unpacked are for v-lock batteries not used as often. Set up for transport at the moment until we start production in a week and  a bit. A 1510 case plus the power supplies etc., is heavy, but the wheels help.




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I literally just put this together on Monday after inspiration from one of my friends.  

2x iPower 4-position 9V chargers (charge 8 batts simultaneously)(iPower 9V-800mAh)

2x iPower 8-position AA chargers (charge 16 batts simultaneously)(iPowerMAX AA 1.5V 2600mWh)

2x Dolgin Engineering 2-position chargers for Sony BP-U style 14.4V batts for BDS (charge 4 batts simultaneously)(IDX 96Wh)

1x 10-position USB charger for Tentacles, etc.

1x 15-position(+ 3 USB) power strip





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i think its important for your battery case to be able to operate while the lid is closed. Many pelican cases cannot charge the np1 type batteries unless they are open, which if you are shooting in crazy locations where there might be rain or dust its nice to have the case shut close (with a internal fan for cooling) while still charging all the batteries. I find for my uses your average tool box (adapted to our needs) works really well. 


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For mine I used some extra 1/2" (12.7mm) plywood that I had and some corner brackets. Allowing for a dual level where the bricks for the chargers and the power strip and extra cabling are all hidden, but have enough airflow to where they don't overheat. The cables in the upper right are for charging Tentacle Sync E's or other USB-C devices. 


Charging case top layer.jpg

Charging case bottom layer.jpg

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Here’s mine. Still needs work but I had to put this one together real quick for the next job. Still haven’t integrated the IE charger and the lid has to be open to charge but once I get time I’ll put all chargers in there and punch an IEC connector hole and make it look really nice so it can charge while closed. For now, it is what it is!


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Here's my charging case.


I originally tried running everything off of a single 24v power supply, but the DC powered USB charger that claimed to handle 24v, didn't, and it let the magic smoke out.


So, attempt two uses an AC powered USB charger, a small power strip and the 24v supply that came with the audio root charger which live under an aluminum plate that sits on the panel lip of the nanuk 910 case. Right now the panel is held on by gravity, but I can easily drill a couple holes and screw it down if needed. A neutrik powercon connector is on order as well as a short right angle IEC cable to make it a little cleaner. It's all pretty compact, but there's still some room to grow.




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Dig the green.  That’s what I wanted, but the yellow was dirt cheap on Amazon, as it was actually fitted with a custom foam cut-out for a Ronin, and I’m guessing a poor seller, since it was way cheaper than an empty case.


Also, I’m probably gonna “borrow” your idea of Velcro in the lid to hang Tentacles while they’re charging.

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