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DPA DAO4010 or Belden 1804A as internal boom cable?


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I want to refit my straight cabled QX5100. The plan is to mount some reel system on the bottom end, so a slim cable is desired. 

As I don't have any of the mentioned around I wonder, what to buy.

What are your experiences with these cables

or with DPAs slim XLR?

What is the outer diameter, RF performance, bending radius of the DAO4010?

Would the PVC coating of the 1804A produce significantly more cable noise compared to the cable Ambient sells?


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I think you’ll just have to buy a few feet of a few different kinds and try it out yourself. I like the matte durable jacket of 1804a but the shielding is not the best. But it is quad so kind of a trade off. 

Reel system? Now that’s interesting. Will it be spring loaded/self winding or more like a fishing rod?

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58 minutes ago, Derek H said:

Reel system? Now that’s interesting. Will it be spring loaded/self winding or more like a fishing rod?

I look out for fly reels, mainly on aliexpress. Quite a few offer some room for a mainspring upgrade in the future. Currently I need to choose a cable that works even without reels and springs, so I have some specs to decide on reel dimensions. There are various drag systems for fly/ice reels. Most reels produce a clicking sound, either as an essential part of the system, or they just imitate it as an audible user interface. The latter can be removed.

Springs introduce a hell of issues that may be trivial for seat belt, dog leash and vacuum cleaner designers but not for someone with my resources or what a wireless microphone boom demands. The first is, these springs love water since they want to turn into rust, so a protective housing is necessary. A water protective housing with two moving parts is nothing I can just 3d print or buy in the right dimensions. I am open for ideas though. Another issue is, you'd need a backstop and release mechanism like a vacuum cleaner or a measuring tape.

When I have a working reel, my next step would probably be to design some anchors to fit an unprotected spring and service it with WD40 regularly.

In the 1960s and 70s, there used to be retractable "automatic reels", but they did not prevail. You can buy collectors items here and there, but they usually don't fit my specs and are old (as in, they break and are not easily replaceable) heavy, expensive and are designed for a lot more length than a boom cable needs. On top of that, I don't like the idea of modifying some collectors item.

The reel will be mounted with its axis crossing the boom, opposed to usual fly reels:

Outdoor Fishing Reels To Choose Rod Combo Pen Pole Lures Tackle Spinning Casting Hard Rod Winter Fishing Rods Ice Fishing Rodsvs 3/4 5/6 7/8 Aluminum Alloy 2+1BB Bearing Fly outdoor fishing flywheel front wheel ice fishing reel large fishing Accessories


If I had the 3d modelling, printing and crafting skills, I'd go for a reel that spins around the boom.


Whoever reads this, note this warning:

Mainsprings are dangerous, protect at least your eyes and hands!

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My experiences with those are not that great (though old). These where not much, once a Ktech once an Ambient. Both produced inverted loops, that required constant maintainance, got stuck and were a pain especially in length>ceiling height stiuations. 

Another thing is, that I sometimes like to quickly slide the quickpole through the sustaining hand with soft gloves. That would produces movement in the cable and even a center of gravity shift.

On top of that, a straight cable has a lot better ratio of overall weight vs center oft gravity, espacially with whatever cable foo on the bottom end.

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