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Best solution to sync iPhones to double system audio?


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Today, a client has asked me to do some research for a practical solution to sync one or more iPhone 12 Pros to a timecode enabled audio recorder for an upcoming double system shoot.

In my particular case, that would be either my SD633 or MixPre 3II. Maximum of three inputs...two wireless lavs and a boom.

I own four of the original Tentacles and have looked at the Ultrasync Blue app/hardware.

I'm also looking at both the Mavis and Filmic Pro iPhone apps.

If someone has sorted out a workable existing solution, I'd appreciate any feedback and experiences.


Dave Wendlinger

San Francisco, CA

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Yep, thanks Cody, I thought of a TC slate.

Not that kind of shoot, unfortunately. The iPhones have to be able to start/stop at will. Now, also incorporating a DSLR that can't accept timecode. Yippee!

Audio will record continuously. Luckily, the shoots are under a half hour at a time.

It's basically a surprise man-on-the-street event. Two wired talent and one guest/victim.


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Might be best then to record LTC as audio on the cameras.  Something small like a Denecke JB-1 or Tentacle could record the LTC itself into the audio channels of the iPhones/DSLRs etc and then they can sync that via Resolve in post.  That being said, you'll probably lose your onboard audio since most of those cameras seem to either let you use onboard or external but not both (then again, who wants to use onboard DSLR or iPhone audio anyways?).

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My original Tentacles would certainly be an option and I'm fairly sure that you're correct about losing the scratch tracks from the cameras.

I haven't even plumbed the depths of post on this one yet, so I'll have to check to see what edit system they're using.

I'll clearly need to do some testing beforehand. I've got a 12 Pro, so at least I can test the audible timecode into the phone concept. I haven't done that in the past.

The UltraSync Blue seems to be able to send TC over Bluetooth, which might be a cleaner solution. I'm still investigating that.

Thanks again!

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