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Equipment Upgrades


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We currently own and operate a Sound Devices 688 with older Lecto UCR411s.  We have not upgraded our mixer because when we got the 688 seems like it was 6 months later that the 833 and 888 and Scorpio camera out, which put kind of sucked.  We have not wanted to upgrade the wireless due to the fact that the spectrums we all changing, luckily we are in bands the were not affected, but can defiantly  tell there is more frequency congestion now.  Now that things are moving more to digital on the wireless side we are considering doing a full or partial upgrade.  We mostly do commercials, docs and some tv show work, not many films, but lots of bag work.  What would you upgrade to?   Looking at possibly switching to Zaxcom Nova and the in slot wireless they offer, or keeping the 688 and just changing over the wireless, I am not familiar enough with the 888 to know if it offers that much more than the 688 for our needs.  We like the idea of the slot receivers, though it is not super necessary.  I also like the Lectro DCR822, but it seems really pricey when it is only two channel compared to some on the newer four channel options.  Any word on a Lectro 4 channel option coming out?   We are based out of Little Rock Arkansas and work all over the region.  With that said the closest place to go and put your hands on new gear is Nashville, and we don't get over that way very often.  What would you do???  Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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2 hours ago, JonG said:

I would research what’s available and see if your needs are met by those options, and if the price point justifies the expense. 

Yeah, re: mixer-recorder: read thru the manuals and see if the extras (esp routing) are something that you would use a lot, be worth the upgrade now.   For wireless, there is nothing wrong with 411s, but later wireless have some handy features, esp re remote control of TX.

Do you need that? 

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