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Make Transcriber Files from VideoToolshed feature request

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I've been chatting with Bouke about adding a feature to the Make Transcriber Files app, he suggested we crowd source some additional input here:

My Original Request:


I have a (hopefully) small feature request for Make Transcriber Files,

My current project spec wants the mix track to be the last track in the poly wav file, which is also what I’d need to use to make an MP3 at wrap, but scene to scene the track count can change.

So if possible, I’d love it if there was a check box option for “Last channel” in the input channels select, or if some how easier, if there was an option to skip or remove files from the file list so I can manually process the takes by track number with the correct track selected.


His Response:


Hi Peter,

This ’should’ be possible, but I have to dive into the code to see how to actually make it.
We need to think this trough to make it a bit future proof…
Are you shooting mono or poly? What is the max channel amount?
What / how do you do track assignment? In metadata / iXML?
(I’m a post guy, I hate it when designated tracks ’shift’, I rather have silence for unused tracks.)
And, AFAIK, Zaxcom does not write ’standard’ BWF, how to cope with that?
(But I really don’t know that much about Zaxcom.)
If you like, make it a topic on JWsoundgroup to see what the rest thinks.
My first hunch would be to add a pulldown for the ‘Use input channels’ with options ’start from first / start from last’
(So if set to ’start from last, the last chan would be CH1)
In any case, if I have to open the code / change it, it will set me back at least 2 hours, and I will charge you ’something’  for that.
Let me know,


So anyone want to add any feedback to this? And since he's going to charge me for this – hopefully we can make it useful for more people...





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Let me emphasize the fact that I don't know the Zaxcom workflow!

I'm not going to milk Peter for the full amount on this one, but if I make changes, they better count and not clutter up the app as it is.

Funny enough, I had a question just this week about AAC / MP3 output. It can do both, (and more), but some of you seem to be afraid of AAC, as clients demand Mp3.
IMHO those clients are ignorant, but, well, they are clients...

Feel free to spill comments, I'm open to suggestions!



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I just updated to the last version (I was almost a full point behind) and since I can drag and drop files into the list I can manually manage this, but what is really missing from that feature is a way to remove files. The only way to clear that list is to select an unused track and click render or to quit and re open the app.


That would also solve my workflow situation

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I don't get it. What version are you running?
If you select an unused track and hit Render, the app will show a warning, and nothing will happen.

There is no need to clear the list. If you drag new files / select a new input folder, the list is cleared and the new files are selected.

What am I missing here?




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On 7/22/2021 at 2:42 AM, Bouke said:

What am I missing here?


You don’t always need to transcode an entire folder, like room tone or other tracks – yes, one could select the files in the file browser and drag them in. But since the app shows useful metadata that you can’t see in finder, it would be more useful to click on/off a checkbox to render the selected file in the list or the ability to click delete and remove it from the list.

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