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Sony F65 - SDI Audio Aux Input?

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I'm mixing a short film for a director who owns this camera (discontinued 8K beast from 2012). The audio and TC is all very straightforward. But in a discussion about hops and backup recording, he messaged me:


"I'm seeing that the F65 takes 16 channels of embedded audio through an aux sdi input.  Does that help you at all?"


I'm not sure what this even means: is there a breakout box or converter that would convert my ISOs and send them to camera? Or is this via AES? 


The SDI aux input is BNC. Here are images from the F65 manual. Thanks to the brain trust!



F65 Audio In Out.png

F65 SDI Connector.png

F65 Audio Setup Menu.png

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You’ll need an audio embedder to SDI like this one from Blackmagic. 




this one Is only 8 channels, but is among the cheapest.  It work really well, I use one regularly for live streaming. 

Aja converters work well too. 

if you need more than 8 channel, you’ll need a studio converter, far more expensive…..



But all this means having a cable between you and the camera. 





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