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Hot Box Power Supply alternatives

Joe Riggs

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Do a search on mouser and digikey. I like Meanwell brand power supplies but there are many quality brands. If you can chop the factory ends off and solder on a 4-pin xlr you’ll save a lot of money here. 

The remote audio one in your link is 13.8V so that it would top off a lead acid battery when wired in parallel. You could use any 12V supply if that feature isn’t important to you. How much gear you’re powering will determine what Amp rating you need. 14A is a lot. For reference an NP1 can provide a bit over 4A. 

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If you like experimenting:


There are lots of laptop chargers on the market that can manage quite high loads (6 or more amperes). In my experience very reliable, made for 24/7 operation.

Unfortunately most of them have got 19 volts, so you need stepdown converters for your needs, but some models have variable voltage or 14v (for Samsung laptops).

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