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Schoeps CMC1 Lemo or XLR

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Hello JWSounders-


I’m getting ready to take the plunge and get a stereo pair of CMC1’s. I’ve been debating the L vs the XLR versions. For me personally I like smaller and less weight which makes me lean towards the L for my own work.
   My concerns about the Lemo version may be unfounded but are about traveling and finding spare cables etc if I need in a pinch, fitting into other people’s work with ease, and DIY cable maintenance. 
  Any thoughts from the JW crowd on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, m-

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Regardless which one you choose, you will need a special cable if you want to feed a transmitter, so I think it makes no difference. If overall size is your concern you might actually be better off with the CMC1 XLR as the Lemo connector is quite long and afaik there is no right-angled version. With a very low profile XLR connector the XLR version might actually be smaller. 

Unless you get the Cinela mount for a CCM where the Lemo is integrated, that might be smaller than the corresponding XLR version. 

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Hi Matt-


I have a CCM-41 with a Lemo connector and I have always been concerned about it, babying it in every way. There was a period of time when the Lemo connector was problematic, causing intermittent audio signal, and it was pretty finicky doing the repair in that tiny Lemo.

All that is to say that I would advise the XLR for all the reasons you cited:

-if you’re traveling frequently, you may want to consider carrying a spare Lemo cable, because you will probably not find one in a hurry if you have an issue.  But you will probably already have an XLR cable with you.

-maintenance: as I said, that little lemo connector is not super easy to work with; whereas, I have done emergency repairs to  XLRs on the road with a big dumb soldering iron from Radio Shack (RIP).

-"fitting into other people's work": I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this, but if it refers to integrating with other people's gear... they will not likely have Lemo connectors.


One other thing is that the short body of these microphones makes shockmounting pretty specific.  I have a few mini-mounts for the CCM that make it flexible to shockmount (including a Rycote INV specific to that mic).  But "in a pinch" you might want the extra girth of the XLR version (instead of the tapering body of the Lemo version) to mount in a more standardized mount.


Good luck,


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Thank you so much Brian for taking the time to respond that thoroughly. I’ve decided to go the XLR route, I spoke to Schoeps directly about a stereo pair of CMC1’s and this was the response I was sent, “CMC1 without capsules will never need to be matched. We only match capsules. The tolerances of the amplifiers are such small that they do not affect the stereo result in any way compared to the capsules. So you just may order two CMC 1 and use them with the matched capsules of your other set. It will lead to two matched microphones again.”

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