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Rycote Nano Shield AA w/ Schoeps CMC 141 resonance


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Recently purchased a Schoeps CMC141 and Rycote Nano Shield AA and I’ve noticed that when I put the windshield on (sock only, no windjammer) it picks up a lot of boom pole handling noise. Buts, as soon as I take the windshield off, the noise is gone. It sounds like the windshield creates a low mid resonance that pulls up the resonance traveling through the PSC boom pole. I love the mount, it’s amazingly engineered, but this resonance thing has me stumped. Is this normal for small zeppelins to exhibit a resonance? Any tips to minimize / eliminate? I have noticed that the further back I put the mic in the basket, the less prominent the effect, but it’s still pretty noticeable. Thanks for any suggestions. 

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Hi There,

I believe that we took this conversation offline already?

If so, we have been able to recreate the issue in the AA size basket and are on a solution already. We made up some samples of several solutions which we'll send you to test them :) Hope that solves the issue. I'll post the winner here as well. If you are someone else please send me a pm and we'll get it sorted.

Thanks so much for flagging this up



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