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Apple Bluetooth earphones sound problems


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Sorry to say, but the Airpod Pros are notorious for horrible sounding mics.

I found this out and tried various noise canceling settings and the like to resolve it.

Lots of posts online about these issues and folks problems.

If I want to talk, I use the regular AirPods so I don't sound underwater or whatever version of bad the Pros had.




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I got the AirPods Pro right when they were first released. I haven’t had people saying anything about me sounding weird talking on the phone - however I had a crackling noise in my ears - this was happening regardless if I was talking on the phone,  playing music or not playing anything at all, just silence. Simply moving my head, crackle happened. This was only in the left ear first. Had the left bud replaced.  Then right ear had the same problem about a month later.  Apple replaced that one too. Then the left one again and then lastly the right one again(!) I asked them if I’m simply having extremely bad luck since I’m not playing anything very loud, and keep them clean and safe in their case etc. Then they finally acknowledged that it was a known problem. At that time they had me send in the whole set, including the charging case. After that, the current replacement has been fine and seems like they have finally fixed the issues. So if anyone has problems with theirs, I would recommend checking with Apple support (I did the chat and described my issues). They seem to be quite good about replacing things and want to make sure you’re happy.

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