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4017c heavy rumble noise


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Hi everyone,


I got a serious problem, anyway maybe i'm wrong please forgive me, not so much experience as some of you got.

I've just bought a DPA 4017c, and i got a lot of "sort of" rumble noise (link below)

Booming is so hard, i can't even follow someone without making any noise.

My old 416 was ok, and i'm trying my best to boom smoothly.

i changed my cables, plugin on another input,  tried it on a regular rycote Inv 7 suspension, on a Cinela Pianissimo one.

Can't get rid of it.

Any suggestion?


Thanks for your help




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HPF is already engaged.

Just forgot to say that the wav file i've uploaded is not in booming condition, i moved a bit more my shockmount so you can hear on the left ear the noise i can't get rid of.
I never had this kind of problem moving, even running with my 416 and already rent some DPA 4017b or 4018 and never had this kind of random shock noise.

Anyone got a 4017c, and can confirm i'm just the worst boom operator in the world ;)


Anyway thank you for your answer Rick!


Glad i've found such a wonderful forum.



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Sorry if the sound file is confusing.

My mistake.
The mic is inside a Cinela Piannisimo, in a MS configuration 4017c+schoeps CMC 1U Mk8 figure 8 capsule.

40 Hz -18db/oct on both channel (sure it's not enough)

Should i raise my HPF to something like 60hz+?

Still learning (and that's what i love in sound... always a learning curve)



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2 hours ago, Franctir said:

40 Hz -18db/oct on both channel (sure it's not enough)


Yeah, that setting is basically useless. I'd start at 60Hz and move it up until you like the sound. Mine usually sits around 80Hz, but sometimes with aggressive booming, windy conditions, or whatever else I've even had it up at 120Hz – when I did post mixing, I'd always throw another low cut on killing everything below there anyways

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Let me confirm the major difference between the C preamp and the B one: No filter at all on the C. The B integrates a hidden 3rd order filter (+18dB/oct) at 50Hz, not talking about the ring one.

Basically, the 4017C is a rumble generator. And if that was not enough, a suspension is a rumble amplifier. To be a little simplistic, I have to say that a bad suspension has its resonance in the audible range...and a good one frankly below 20Hz (with HIGH resonance factor). No problem at all if your recorder/mixer integrates a high slope filter (+18 or +24dB/oct) in the input first stage, but take care to digital filters or too smooth ones (+6 or +12dB/oct). Don't be surprised if the limiter reacts !


As a conclusion, the right tool is NOT simply a good microphone and a good suspension, it's a combination between those...and the right filtering. Tell me if I'm wrong and I'll change my life.

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