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Ambience recording for cinema-surround


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Hi everybody :)


I've been wondering if there's someone out there who could give some advice on field-recordings specifically for cinema. I've learned and experienced myself that correlated stereo/surround setups tend to fall apart in a mix since 90 % of the audience are not sitting in the "sweet spot". But still I find a lot of field-recordings are done with an MS/DMS setup. I can totally see why considering how compact and fast it is. Maybe the only chance to do on-set ambience at all.

But maybe there are some opinions also from a post-perspective on which setup works best for this kind of situations. For the next project I get the chance to come back to the location to record ambiences.


I used to de-correlate stereo recordings by just duplicating and dragging the clips around so that I end up with a quadrophonic ambience. It works fine mostly but depends on the content of the ambience.

Also, do you usually use 5 channels for cinema ambiences or do you work quadrophonic only?


Thanks a lot!


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