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Looking for the right EXT DC power cable for UCR411a

Charles P

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I’ll be powering a few UCR411a externally but I have ran into right angles DC barrel connectors that wouldn’t reach deep enough as the flip door of the receiver adds extra thickness.


Any idea what the barrel length should be? Or better yet if any of you is using the Audioroot distro are there any Hirose to DC cables you would recommend?




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Lectrosonics actually sells a cable with a right angle DC barrel connector for their receivers and battery eliminators, it is part number 21472. The other end of the cable has unterminated leads so you could attach a Hirose or other connector if needed: https://www.lectrosonics.com/accessory-links/product/p21472.html


Note that it is not actually the length of the barrel connector contact (the metal portion) that matters so much. I believe the Lectrosonics cable has about a 9.5 mm (0.375 in.) deep barrel contact, which is pretty typical for shorter length barrel connectors. You can also find connectors with 12mm to 14mm (0.475 to 0.55 in.) length contacts, but that's not critical. What matters more is that the plastic insulation and strain relief is at least 5mm long before the right angle bend. I believe on the Lectrosonics cable it's about 9mm (0.35 in.) of plastic before the right angle bend. So the total length from the tip of the connector to the bend is about 18mm (.725 in). Additionally, the diameter of the insulation also needs to be 12mm (0.5 in.) or less to fit through the opening in the bottom of the receiver.


In terms of pre-made Hirose to right angle DC barrel cables, you might take a look at the Remote Audio CALEPWRBS:



Or I believe Gotham Sound sells one as well:

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