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Zaxnet for standalone RX-4


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dear all, I have tested the ZMT4 and I am about to go for it with 4 units for booms and car/plant mikes use mostly. I will pair them with a RX-4 standalone receiver. I am a novice to Zaxcom ecosystem and I am wondering, if there is a reasonably slim and straight forward way to establish a Zaxnet connection to  4 ZMT4s for adjusting gain and frequencies. It would be great, if I did not have to dig into menus on receiver for a sole command and also not having to add much weight to the bag. I record to a Cantar X3 and want to stay with it. Will a QRX100 paired with a Zaxmote dongle do the job even if the TX are operating on a different frequency that is not covered on the QRX 100 block?

Thank you for  recommendations and real word experience

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I’m still waiting on the RX8 and a small thin rotary fader pack with Zaxnet integration. I hope Zaxcom is listening. That fader pack should allow us to mount the RX8 and/or RX4 and have control over Zaxnet gain, freqs and such. Like you, I’m not on a Zaxcom recorder when on the cart. I’d love to be able to have Zaxnet control without ditching my main cart recorder. 


Ideally, I’d love to have the option for the fader pack to stay on the cart and remote the RX8/4/RX12 receivers closer to set. Extra sugar ontop would be if everything (Zaxnet included) can be hooked up via ethernet cable (a la Dante style). That way one could just have an RX/TX box close to set and be able to easily move it around.


For now, there is no nice elegant easy way to have quick access to Zaxnet if you’re on a non-zaxcom recorder. I HOPE that is in the works.


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