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DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera... is "special"

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Just saw this video. The part work the focus is interesting. It made me wonder how this would react to booms. But in the other hand om guessing this camera is intended for visual fx shots or other really tricky shots where audio isn't going to work anyway.. I'm thinking maybe its intended use is video where presenters have Lavaliers. But then again I'm guessing it will take like two minutes before someone decides to shoot a feature film on this camera. 


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I watched the video. For something that’s an “all in one” type thing, that camera actually seems pretty amazing. I’m expecting we’ll see a lot of these in the near future. Small TC box on the camera body and we’re good.

 I don’t think it would react to the boom mic, since it should be out of the shot anyway.


Not sure if it can replace all the Arris and Reds, but I imagine a lot of DPs would want to add this to their arsenal. It could be used to get some complex shots that would otherwise be difficult with a full stedi rig for example.

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