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Block 26 Question


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I have a friend using Lectro Block 20 & Block 26 SRB's with UM400a's. Sometimes he has to use the Block 26 stuff when he runs out of Block 20 units. Both the 20's and 26's were at to the mother ship for firmware updates and tuning in 2020. Yes he knows about 5G (by the way 5G is screwing with FAA radar altimeters too).


Maybe 20% of the time he hears sporadic crackling like a very active lighting storm, pink noise in nature but not the sssshhh sssshhh frequency range or normal hit noises, from the Block 26 stuff. This static does not show up on the modulation display of the SRB. Signal strength is solid from the 411a. Phones have been turned off completely or removed from the set. The problem seems to be geographic in nature and consistent. He scans for clear freqs and almost all of Block 26 if free but he tries several different freqs and checks intermod. Nothing so far alleviates this problem.


Now for the wacky bit. His camera hops are really old Senny G3's also in the 600Mhz band. They operate without issue the same time the lectro 600Mhz stuff is blowing up. What's the deal, man?


Anyone have any ideas besides, "He shouldn't be using Block 26 or maybe something in the bag is causing the problem?"



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I still have a Lectro block 26 hop set(2x SRb's and 2x UM400a's) and so far, so good, it's still been solid.  And registering freq's recently with NFL, I noticed that they still have block 26 selectable with certain Tx's(like UM400a's).  But I haven't tried to use my 26 stuff in any freq. coordinated venue or event in several years.  I figured they wouldn't let me register an "illegal" block.  But I've actually had less(no) problems out of 26 than my A1 hops.

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