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CAS & MPSE hosting The Sounding Board v1.0 - Event

Jeff Wexler

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The CAS & MPSE are co-producing, The Sounding Board v1.0 on November 20th from 10-2pm PT, a virtual free and open to the public event exploring the practical, technical, and creative aspects of sound for picture. Register Today!!!
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Here's the registration link, schedule and panelists!:




10 AM PT: Beyond the Q & A: HUGO

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the award-winning sound department for HUGO looks back and discusses the wins and pitfalls that helped shape the outstanding soundtrack of this fantastic tale.
Moderator: Peter Albrechtsen CAS and MPSE. Featuring:Tom Fleischman CAS, re-recording mixer; John Midgley CAS, production sound mixer; Eugene Gearty, supervising sound editor / sound designer / sound effects editor; George A. Lara CAS, foley mIxer; Marko Costanzo, foley artist


11:20 AM PT: Parade of Carts, Bags & Rigs

CAS sound mixers and MPSE sound effects field recordists provide tours of their equipment and discuss techniques and tips for capturing some of the best sound in the business.

Moderator: Phillip Palmer CAS. Featuring: Brett Grant Grierson CAS; Matthew Cameron CAS; Charlie Campagna; Marcos A. Contreras CAS; Matthias Richter CAS


12:45 PM PT: Between the Ears

What does it take both on and off the job to foster creative decision making, problem solving, and interpersonal politics to best serve the sonic throughline of any production? Moderator: Gary Bourgeois CAS. Featuring: Craig Henighan CAS and MPSE; Alyson Dee Moore; Alex Gibson; Lee Orloff CAS


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