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Lectrosonics Feature Request: Better Venue 2 Reception Meter Scale


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I know some people from Lectro are sometimes on this forum so I wanted to post a feature request and see how many other Venue 2 users agree.


I find the scale of the home screen reception bars on the Venue 2 to be a fairly inaccurate representation of the actual signal coming in.  I took 2 pictures to show what I'm talking about.


At the home screen, receiver 2 appears to have around 20% signal coming in, but when you select unit 2 and go to look at it, it has over 30%.  It's not a make or break issue, but the difference is big enough that it does leave me wondering a lot of the time as to how good my signal is.  I constantly have to look at each receiver individually.


The large meter on the individual receiver view is 10 bars wide.  The small one on the home screen is 5 bars wide, with each bar being 2 pixels wide.  I'm wondering how difficult it would be for Lectro to add an option or change the home screen meter to 10 bars that are 1 pixel wide vs the 5 2-pixel bars we currently get.  That way, we can get a more accurate idea on one screen as to how all our wires are doing.








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