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Rick Beato - The Sting Interview


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I know we have quite a few musicians - or a least a few who dabble in that world- in this group and I thought y'all might enjoy this piece I worked on. I really enjoyed Ricks interviewing skills and Sting and Dom really seemed to enjoy themselves. Definitely not your typical fluff piece, Plus bonus cameo of me at the end! 


Microphones used:

DPA 6061' (x3)

DPA 4017c

DPA 4097

Scheops CMIT5u



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I think you're right about Beato's skill with the interview. Like at the beginning where he (fake) casually says, "[Your song that] uses the aeolian mode with a flat 6..." and then pulls back to describe the notes as surprises... Seems like Sting thinks, "Oh, this guy knows what's up musically, but not in a pedantic way...OK, I'll really talk to him... And hell, this may be fun."


I haven't watched the whole thing, but will check out the rest. Thanks! So great that it was a fun gig for you!



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Thanks Jim! 
Yeah, after a few minutes you can really see Sting open up and really relax and enjoy the conversation. The whole shoot was just  super smooth, zero issues at all. I absolutely love the sound of my DPA’s, very natural to my ears. Personally I would have used more 4017c during the performances but those 6061’s do the job.  

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