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Sound Reports and Timestamp notes


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I have been trying out timestamp notes on my phone where i set timecode on my recorder manually matched to my phone clock, take notes via speak-to-text or typed throughout the day with a timestamp app, and transferring these notes manually at end of day to a sound report exported from my recorder. Manually is the problem. Curious if anyone else has a similar timestamp voice/type logging app suggestion? my timestamp app i tried creates .json files not super friendly to work with for this purpose and manually reading notes/times on screen to retype into sound reports I feel is not my best solution

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And there is this:


Custom made for myself, made some changes for a broadcaster.
My main reason what to do very fast logging during (very long) multicam shoots. (I operated alone, controlling PTZ cams, switching and had to edit the shebang.
Since 'most' was good, I did not feel watching the whole shebang again just to find a few coughs / PowerPoint mistakes etc.
So besides inserting log notes manual, I made shortcuts for inserting comments with one keystroke.

It can slave to LTC, thus working in 23,976 / 29,97 non drop,

Toy with it if you like.


4 hours ago, osa said:

 creates .json files not super friendly to work with for this purpose


.json CAN be friendly, like XML you can set it to display in 'pretty print'
And, it is a VERY friendly format for coders to parse / convert.
(I use it A LOT)

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I use an app from Germany called Logster, exports .csv files which I then drop into a sheet in a template Excel workbook, the Sound Devices 970 .csv sound report goes into another sheet, they get re-formatted a bit then I manually combine and sort them into the final report - I'm sure with a bit of effort I could automate them more, but it's reasonably quick. In the stuff I do, I need timestamped notes within the run-time of a single take on the recorders. Logster has the advantage that it'll chase LTC coming in the headset socket of the iPad, I have a Tentacle Sync stuck to the back of it - meaning it's accurate for non-integer TC rates like 23.976FPS which I get a lot. It seems to be a University project, so will probably stop working with the next major iOS update however. I tried MovieSlate, bought the sound dept extension etc. but it didn't suit my workflow. Logster is typed notes only, no voice.

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