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Educational Courses/Guides/Books/Videos for learning about RF


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Hey Guys,


So a few years ago I did Thomas Popp's lav mic course, and learnt a huge amount about lav mic's (thanks Tom!).


I was wondering if anyone knew of anything similar for learning the dark art of radio systems? I'd really like to build a comprehensive understanding of how radio waves work, and the science behind different antennas, different RF systems etc...


Does anybody know of anything? Maybe a video course, or a book? @LarryF, you're like the god of this stuff, any suggestions?






FYI, I'm currently using Sennheiser G4's, and looking to upgrade and expand to a stronger rig, but want to really understand what I'm doing!

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2 hours ago, Johnny Karlsson said:





Also, search through this forum for specific questions. There’s a lot of info to be mined here from many years of discussions.

Thanks, this one on the lectro site is great! https://www.lectrosonics.com/images/PDFs/wg2000.pdf

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