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Beyerdynamic MC930 RFI issue


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I bought a pair of MC930s as my budget stereo set in the field for ambience recording. They sound great, but they frustrate me when it comes to RFI.
I did the following demo and want to see if any MC930 owners are having the same issue or I just bought a defected pair. 

I pointed a MKH-50(running through a HM) and MC930s(cabled) towards roughly the same direction at a ceiling and record them simultaneously on my 788t. The MC930s captures RFI while MKH-50 is clean. All of the connectors are Neutrik-EMCs and cables are Canare star quad ones. 


Then I disconnected the MKH50, and ran one of my MC930s wirelessly through the same route previously the MKH50 went. The RFI got worse. Unfortunately, I didn't record that part. So it makes sense to conclude the microphone itself is to blame, doesn't it? 
Have I bought a faulty pair? Or it's simply that the shield of MC930 is just far worse than a RF microphone and hence not suitable to be used in the field?

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I have a pair of Gefell UM70s that can be susceptible to RF, which seems to be a common with those mics.

A common cheap fix is to make pigtails that connect the shield (pin 1) of the female XLR to the chassis with the unused tab on the connector.



I'd contact Beyer support first, but this is something to look into if there aren't other options.

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