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Desperately Seeking Sound Devices CL-12


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I would love to expand the capacity of my Sound Devices 664 to easily use channels 6-12. I’ve done it, but mixing using faders in software is difficult on set. The only other option is moving up to the 8 series, and that’s a much more expensive step. If anyone out there has any ideas where one can find a CL-12, or even a CL-6, I would be eternally grateful. 

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As another 664 user looking for a CL-12 there is an alternative workflow but you may not like it, although it is less expensive.


Its called a 12 channel analog mixer with pre-fade direct outputs, like an Allen & Heath MixWizard. Since basically every channel is now a wireless Rx with a line out just plug your sources into the mixer at line level (probably a 1/4" TRS input) and then direct out to the 664 inputs. Done. 


You take the Master output from the mixer and send that to the MIX IN on the 664. This leaves your pre-fade ISOs alone and inserts your mix performance from the analog mixer onto the L/R Mix tracks where it is recorded. 


As a bonus you now have analog EQ on all channels, more routing flexibility, more ways to solve problems. You also won't ever have to deal with the powering issues of the CL-12 and 664 combo.


Downside is AC power is required, you may need to learn to solder or buy cables, analog cables and connections, no Dante, no AES and no respect from the people doing it the expensive way.


A used 12 channel mixer for $500+$500 worth of cables or accesories is still $2000 less than a used CL-12....



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Actually, this suggestion is brilliant. I have an old 442 mixer, 4 inputs with prefade direct outputs. This would open up at least channels 7-10. And it’s dc power, with a little fussing it could sit on my cart beneath the 664 (input knobs on the 442 are identical to the 664).  I had thought about using it before, but hadn’t clicked on using the direct out to get to the iso, and then mix out to mix in on the 664. This would actually work for almost no money (a few cables) and let me focus on other important acquisitions. Also, I was thinking of incorporating some fixed microphones on our courtroom set. This would let me hardwire those into ch. 9-10, not impeding my 8 wireless channels. Wow. Thanks again for this idea. I’m glad I reached out for help. 

I will also look at a 12 channel mixer. As you point out, not expensive option. And faders would be nice. 

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